Checking In

Sorry to be MIA, I am out of the country.

I am spending a few weeks in India, where, although it’s a democracy (and not one of those sham ones with just one party), there’s actually a province where the communist party has held power for three decades (they’ve been elected)! Interestingly, these “communists” don’t seem to mind privatization (“liberalization” as they call it here) of any industries. At least from what I can tell (I don’t claim to be an expert).

But there are plenty of Indian communists who do seem to have traditional communist preferences (they tend to be from regions where communists are out of power). I heard one of them say that the current global economic crisis “proves everything we’ve been saying for years.”

Wow. It’s hard to believe otherwise intelligent people really think the failures of capitalism is an argument for communism. That’s like saying because beans give you gas, you should be eating poop instead.

On that classy note, I’m going to rush away. I will check back soon. I hope you do too.

One thought on “Checking In”

  1. Ok, now I know y’all aren’t reading this. All my language-loving friends, and not one of you made a snide remark about the glaring grammatical error in that last post. This breaks my heart!

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