Koli Mitra


The Text Smith

Text is Lego. Text is Silly Putty. Text is unforged precious metal.  There are few experiences that match the unalloyed joy of taking raw text and hammering and polishing it into a compelling bit of communication.

I am a text smith. I can build you products out of text (“writing”).  I can also fix, polish, finesse, or rebuild written products that you already have (“editing”).  On occasion, I can recast your product in a different dye (“translating”).  You can find more details on the  Writing, Editing, and Translation pages.

A note on “Standard English.”

I am American.  My default grammar, spelling, and usage habits conform to standard American English.  Some of you may have noticed that I put the period inside the quotation mark in “Standard English.”  I also called it a “period” rather than a “full stop.”

However, I am thoroughly familiar with current International English and have professionally edited articles for publication in the United Kingdom, India, and the European Union.  I can follow whichever standard fits your needs.