Koli Mitra



Disclaimer: I am an attorney, but I do NOT offer legal services, advice, or representation through this website.  In addition, I am not always physically located in the jurisdictions where I am admitted to practice. For this and other reasons, I may not even be eligible to render any services that may be construed as “practicing law.”

My legal background is mentioned here only insofar as it is relevant to demonstrate my

  • Research and analytical skills
  • Critical writing and editing experience
  • Familiarity with bluebooking and shepardizing
  • Familiarity with legal writing, terminology, analytical methods, and other legal writing issues

The only legal writing/editing related services I offer are in connection with

  1.  Academic, journalistic, or general-interest materials including:
    • Law journal articles
    • Books and academic articles on legal theory or other law-related subjects
    • Legal, business, or other trade journal articles involving legal matters
    • Blog entries, website content, and other new media content involving legal/political theory or other law-related topics
  1. Research, writing, and editing tasks that you could legitimately delegate to an unlicensed law graduate, paralegal, or intern.  You, as the attorney, must assume a supervisory role and review the work I produce for you before using it. You, as the attorney, bear the responsibility for the validity and correctness of the work I produce for you.