Koli Mitra



General Proofreading Services

Proofreading is the last stage of text preparation after a piece of writing has been thoroughly fact-checked and copyedited to the satisfaction of the author and/or primary editor.  The point is to catch and fix any incontrovertible errors of language and form (but usually not content) that are left in an otherwise “final” copy.  It typically entails correcting typos and minor errors in spelling, punctuation, pagination, cross-references, etc.

Specialized/Customized Proofreading Services

Sometimes you need your work checked for conformance to a specific set of requirements.  Tell me your specifications. Most likely I can accommodate you.  Some typical examples:

  • Compare a document to a marked-up template or older version
  • Check a revised draft for accuracy after a global change
  • Proofread a document summary against the original to ensure conformance
  • Make sure that a formal style or citation format (such as Chicago, AP, Bluebook, or your “house-style”) has been properly applied