Koli Mitra


Developmental Editing

Developmental Editing is a comprehensive document/manuscript consulting service “from the ground up.” It is appropriate for projects for which the author has the research, data, some analysis, and perhaps a general concept but needs help to develop the text and construct/evaluate the arguments. Developmental editing needs are highly individual. Some authors need mostly language assistance (such as non-native English writers or technical people with little or no writing experience).  Others may need help formulating a unified idea based on the discrete sets of data, or breaking the idea down into chapters and units.  You and I will begin with an extensive briefing and work together to determine exactly what the work will entail.  Most projects involve some of the following types of tasks:

  • Outlining /structuring the overall content, including chapter break-down and chapter structure
  • Verifying and evaluating facts and research
  • Assessing the soundness of claims and arguments
  • Ensuring that the material is appropriate for the target audience
  • Ensuring that the material properly serves the purposes of the author and his/her client
  • Interpreting and/or supplementing your research (available in certain subject areas in which I have training or expertise, such as law, politics, history, philosophy, economics, and literature).

As with content and substantive editing, this service and its pricing are customized for individual clients.