Koli Mitra


About Me

My Name: Koli Mitra

My Writing/Editing Experience: Apart from independent projects, I have also worked as Features Editor at Kindle Magazine, Technical Writer at InfoPro Incorporated, and Senior Articles Editor of the Rutgers Women’s Rights Law Reporter. I have written for Bloomberg BNA.

My Passion:  Language

I have been fascinated with language all my life.  I love it for both its utility and its beauty…. mostly I love it for the elegant precision with which it fulfills its utility.   To me, that is beauty.

My Background: From lawyer to writer, a personal journey.

I earned my  Juris Doctor at Rutgers School of Law and practiced finance law at a Wall Street firm for several years. It was a rewarding experience in many ways, but there comes a time in your career when you must ask yourself: how do I want to spend the rest of my life?

I want to spend the YEARS of my life grappling with ideas: I want to spend them learning from others and communicating with others.

I want to spend the HOURS AND MINUTES of my life working with text:  To me text is Lego. Text is Silly Putty. Text is unforged precious metal.  There is no experience greater than the unalloyed joy of taking raw text and hammering and polishing it into a compelling bit of communication.