The last few weeks have been rough on me and my little blog. I had a painful eye ailment that forced me to keep computer use to a minimum, which is not easy in my business – or in any business, come to think of it. Then there were a few days of jet lag (I recently returned from a three month trip to India).

To make matters worse, I just realized none of my posts from the previous few weeks got published as scheduled! I am correcting that, so a bunch of posts should be coming online soon. Please read them!

However, there is one quirky-little silver lining here, I love that the glitch happened while I was on the other side of the planet. There’s a cool parallel between the time warp caused by the glitch (i.e., the lag between each post’s publication date and the actual date it will be appearing) and the more familiar one of the different time stamps we put on the same moment, depending on where on earth we are.

What, you were expecting more? I said it was quirky, and I said it was little. . . .

Yeah, I’m easily amused.