I just heard yet another person bitch about how stupid the title “Quantum of Solace” is.  Really? Is it all that much worse than, like “Octopussy”?  At least “Quantum of Solace” has all real words. What’s this sudden expectation of elegance based on, anyway?

Incidentally, the movie was less than stellar.  Don’t get me wrong, the testosterone fix is guaranteed. There was a great fight every other minute. It’s like the new Bond has a point to make: “No, I haven’t turned into a soft, emotional soap opera hero like everyone’s been saying.” The thing is, all the gratuitous “action” (high even by Bond standards) couldn’t get you away from the feeling that really the opposite was true. I’m thinking, grief has loosened this guy’s screws completely.

Point of disclaimer: this has no pretense to being a full review — it’s been a couple of weeks since I saw it. My reaction was “eh” and there’s been so much written about it already.  Suffice it to say, the results were mixed.

On the upside: Mr. Craig looks delicious. The love interest (they’re not really “Bond Girls” in the classic sense anymore) is a slight, darkish beauty — that works for me! The opening & credit sequences were beautifully reminiscent of classic ’60s graphic sequences, yet clearly contemporary CGI.  On the downside: the plot was forced and boring. Very little suspense. Very unsatisfying ending. Obvious loose thread dangling for the next sequel. Totally not worthy of Casino Royale.

Like I said, “eh.”