One way or other, we were going to have a real stunner in the new administration (by broad consensus on beauty).

I may be the only one in the universe to ever have thought that while Palin and Obama are both very good-looking people, they aren’t, like, you know. . . sizzling hot. 

They are politician hot, not Beyonce hot.

But when my mother (who is in her sixties and is interested in world-affairs, in a quiet, responsible-mom-kind of way) called to congratulate me on the Obama victory and added, after a word or two about historical significance and international relations, that “he’s easy on the eyes, your new president” I had to take a second look.

Yeah, he’s pretty handsome. Although I still don’t know if he’s Pierce Brosnan hot or Denzel Washington hot (I know those names date me –I’m old, I’ve embraced that fact) but I must concede, our new president is most certainly “easy on the eyes” — especially when he smiles.

I took another look at someone else too.  Sarah Palin is the sexiest governor alive.