Did you notice how no matter what Palin was asked, she just wanted to answer either “energy” or “mom”??

She came right out and said she wasn’t going to answer the questions as asked. . . and she’s PROUD of that fact? Doggone it, we really have reached the depths of anti-intellectualism, haven’t we?  Being dumb and stubborn is now the freakin’ gold standard. Thanks, George W, that can be your legacy!

So the pundits are talking about how “surprised” they are that Sarah Palin didn’t fall down the steps with her foot in her mouth.  Ah, hello! She has been coached non-stop by all kinds of experts for weeks, while not having to be burdened with questions from the press (the “mainstream media” as she likes to call them. . .  it’s newspeak for “unsavory liberal”).

Sarah Palin decided that batting her eyes (seriously, she literally batted her eyes) and appealing to a misguided glorification of populism is enough to make you a good leader. Sadly, a lot of people fall for this crap.

She kept accusing Biden of “looking backward” to the Bush Administration. . . um, Governor, YOUR answer to everything seems to be deregulation and tax cuts and “getting government out of the way.” I got news for you: That is the bush administration legacy. And pointing that out is called learning from history.

If you don’t want to keep falling into the same pitfalls over and over and over, sometimes you gotta look back, gosh darn it.

Oh, and she’s really claiming that being a “mom” is “executive experience” — are you fucking kidding me? This is our country you’re talking about. It’s not a joke! Every other American adult is a parent (including, Obama and Biden) — so, I don’t even understand how that’s supposed to set you apart.

I guess, the difference is “lipstick.”