After all this hype, Joe Biden is sort of unsatisfying, no? I kind of expected it would be someone like Biden or Chris Dodd, but an utterly conventional choice like this just feels disorienting at the end of a dizzying media hype.

Biden is both boring and dangerous for Obama. He has said lots of negative things about Obama (including comparing McCain favorably to him). He has made more than one failed attempt at the presidency himself (and fared MISERABLY in this year’s primaries), so I’m not sure what votes he is expected to bring.

Or am I being too cynical? Biden would make a pretty good vice president. Obama might genuinely believe that too.  A few months ago, when I voted for him, I would have given him the benefit of the doubt.

Things have changed, though. He has become at once messianic and politically conventional. Negative attacks, tortured explanations of his inconsistent positions, etc. If we are going to get all this crap anyway, we should have picked Hillary Clinton, who at least is much more knowledgeable and seasoned in all the deal making and policy problems that a presidency entails.

Worst of all, the gimmicks! This whole vice presidential announcement hype is annoying as hell. “I have made my choice, but that’s all you’ll get”? Why would you tease the electorate like that? Is this some kind of joke? And what’s up with the text message? David Brooks said on the News Hour last night that this is part of the message that Obama is the “candidate of tomorrow” — what??!!  Ooh — TEXTING! How futuristic!  What a crock of . . . hope-dust. 
What meaningful message about the future is conveyed by having your staff send a batch text message to a multimillion member clique?  By highlighting all the negative aspects of your “youth” image: inexperience, lack of gravitas, silliness . .  pipsqueak preoccupations?