I had dinner tonight with a friend I haven’t seen since high school two decades ago.  In some ways, it was as if we simply picked up where we left off. For all the morphing we’ve done over the years — the lessons learned, the fears conquered, the mellowing of egos, the strangely liberating acceptance of the world’s flaws and our own limitations —  in many ways we found we are still very much the same. A couple of idealistic, impetuous girls with a lot of curiosity and an inexhaustible reservoir of laughter. Or at least we seemed to bring those things out in each other.

The waiter had to come by a zillion times before we were ready to order our drinks. I apologized: “This is a reunion. We haven’t seen each other in 20 years.”

“Don’t tell me… Facebook?”   He was right, of course.

“It’s great that you guys found each other” he said. “I once found my lost wallet thanks to Facebook.”

Wow. Everything from old friends to lost wallets. Wonder what else you can find on Facebook?