Granted: Clinton wants to make sure “every vote counts” because she needs to, er… “make every vote count” at this point. But regardless of her motives, there is a very good and very simple reason to seat those delegates. The Michiganders and Floridians have a right to weigh in, if this is going to be a democratic process.

Don’t give me that crap about “rules” and “everybody agreed.” Everybody? When did Michigan and Florida voters agree to not be counted? Most of them had nothing to do with their state party leaders’ decision to flout the national party rules. Yet they should literally be disenfranchised for it? Besides, why are the Iowa and New Hampshire processes so sacred that other states must be punished for (almost) disturbing their arbitrary preeminence?

As for “rules” — the party of the civil rights movement should know better than to tout rules for their own sake without pointing to the justice of the underlying principle.