Is anyone still out there? Of course you are. Let me rephrase. Is anyone out there still even remotely interested in the thought oven?

It’s been a hectic couple of months… professionally and personally. New job, a couple of writing gigs, mostly good things. Those of you who care to know more details already do know them.

I don’t know if there is a protocol for resuscitating a blog (especially one that’s a fledgling to begin with). But I’m back. Hopefully you will be too.

Actually, I’ve been thinking about timing and words quite a bit. Sometimes being silent or otherwise reticent can kill the momentum in a budding relationship, or perhaps a blog (or a political campaign). But what about saying too much? Or the wrong thing? Too much of the wrong thing? Saying something you don’t mean out of anguish or resentment that has nothing to do with the person at whom those words are leveled?

Depending on timing, words that might have otherwise been forgiven may permanently damage a friendship or even family relationship that you took for granted as absolutely sturdy. Despite what the movies tell you, there are things you can’t come back from. Even years of steadily built good will and trust may not be strong enough to withstand some completely unanticipated misstep. Like turning a sharp corner on a high mountain road.

That’s all.

Hey, I never promised anything more than half-baked!