Eliot Spitzer: get back on your high horse and get the hell out

There is absolutely NO way he should stay on as governor. If Alan Hevesi, after a lifetime of blemish free service, couldn’t be forgiven for the car service thing (even after he apologized, paid the public back, AND was re-elected by that public overwhelmingly), then certainly the “Sheriff of Wall Street” riding in on his white horse of anti-corruption needs to pay for INVOLVEMENT IN A PROSTITUTION RING!


  1. I’m so bummed about this. I really liked Spitzer, with his stern brow, strong jaw and gleam of righteousness in his eyes. He wasn’t just on a white horse, he was carrying a flaming sword, too. He may have an enflamed sword after his not “safe” Valentine’s Day encounter, though. A fitting punishmen for his crime, I suppose.

  2. I know… The worst of it is, this unseemly behavior is being used by his foes to essentially invalidate his position on so many very legitimate problems. Wall Street giants who think they should be allowed to hoodwink their investors, are reacting with glee at Spitzer’s fall from grace as though this vindicates their own deceptive practices.

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